Coen Adrien van Driel

I'm a software architect and software quality & testing enthusiast. My focus is on using Microsoft technologies from C# to Azure to create awesome products.

I'm also the founder of ExpertSwitch, a software consulting company.

Accessing Your AppSettings.json And Using Strongly Typed Settings In ASP.NET Core MVC

The new way of using configuration settings in ASP.NET Core MVC is via an appsettings.json file within your Web project. No more XML configuration files (even though you still can), instead, a modern implementation of a multi-environment configuration system is built into ASP.NET Core MVC.Read more

April 03, 2019

Disabling Caching For System.Net.WebClient In .NET

Caching is great, until it’s not. Like when you keep getting the old data from an API even though the underlying data has been updated.Read more

April 03, 2019

Forwarding Domain Names with ASP.NET Core and Azure Web Apps

A common issue when registering domain names is the question whether you should purchase multiple TLD’s to accommodate for spelling variations, or preemptively purchase domains for future projects to prevent competitors to get ahead. This article will demonstrate how to forward one domain name to another domain name using ASP.NET Core and Azure Web Apps.Read more

January 14, 2019